Saucy Woman

Welcome to Saucy Woman!

This isn’t your ordinary parenting blog. Here, you will find posts with a bit of an edge. I don’t live a perfect life. My house gets messy, forts get built and set up for days (with the dog hair not being vacuumed up before it was built). Sometimes, my daughter’s drive me crazy and I just want to scream “F&CK” at the top of my lungs. There are even times that living with the Top 8 Allergens minus 1 + 200 others brings me to the brink of breakdown just trying to figure out a snack, let alone a meal.

My goal with Saucy Woman is to share my imperfections so you can learn to laugh at your own. I want to share with you tricks and tips on how to find your SELF again and live in harmony with your family. I certainly lost Mary for a while. I had no idea how my garden grew, let alone where all my cockelshells were! We are more than just Mom’s, we are Wo-Men first!

Let’s join together and grow a community where it’s okay to take off our bra, stay a while and know we are safe. Share your story. Talk about your best day, or your worst day. Through community we will gain strength and support.

Often, I will have guest bloggers sharing their story and their lesson. For me, life gets better when shared with others. So, read on. Ask questions. Answer questions. Join our Facebook page. But most of all, have fun!