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Your Rash Could Be Something More

Talk to Dr about Rash
For one of the most visited posts about nickel allergy on a top Allergy Blog, Itchy Little World. Check out it!  Here's a snippet: Before November, 2015 I had never heard of Systemic Nickel Allergy Syndrome. I had been experiencing allergic rashes to jewelry for years. and couldn’t wear anything but yellow gold. What I didn’t know was that a simple nickel…read more
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Stress Free Nickel Food Allergy Living

Living a Stress Free Life
Spring always brings out the best in people. As humans, we are always looking for ways to improve ourselves, our lives and our surroundings. Follow these easy 16 steps to stress free food allergy living and see how much better your life will become.  See a professional about your symptoms.  I saw an immunologist/allergist who was finally able to help pin-point my…read more
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From No to Yes

From No to Yes
I recently read an article in the New York Times called To Raise Better Kids, Say No. At first, my gut reaction was to say: "Really?!" because we say not to your children so often in our society. I often overhear parents at the park saying things such as: "No, you can't climb that. You're not big enough." "No, you…read more