Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Saucy Woman offers consulting services covering 2 main topics:

  • Food Allergy Strategist

    • 1:1 Consulting
    • Meal Planning
    • Specialty Gardening for Allergens
    • Gluten Free Baking Specialist
    • Keynote Speaker
  • Self-Led Education Strategist

    • 1:1 Consultationn
    • Experience Birth through College
    • Specializing in Tweens/Teens suffering from
      • anxiety/depression
      • mood disorders
      • learning disabilities
    • Keynote Speaker

Although, at first glance, these topics seem completely unrelated, for Mary they are totally integrated.

She began homeschooling in 2009 due to her oldest daughter’s extreme suffering at the hands of bullies, which then began her journey down the road of mental illness and how self-led education literally saved her daughter’s life.

Her youngest, at the time, was 2 and was later discovered to  have multiple learning disabilities which the traditional school system cannot address properly.

Both girls, and Mary, have several severe food allergies. Mary and her youngest, Sara, also have a mast cell disorder which causes them to be at risk of anaphylaxis from over 175 every day items.

Mary has discovered that proper nutrition, through removing food sensitivities and allergens has enabled both herself, and her girls, the ability to live a rich, fulfilling life otherwise not possible.

To Mary, integrating the two simply made sense. She wants to share her intimate knowledge and experience so you don’t have to suffer the same hands-on mistakes she made in the beginning.