Different ways of learning

Learning Style Assessment for Confidence

Knowing how your child learns will enable you to guide your child on a route to success. A learning style assessment test is a quick way to ascertain if your child is a verbal, visual or tactile learner.

When you begin homeschooling, it may be difficult to know how your child learns best. It can also be difficult for an experience home school parent. In my research, I ran across an interesting piece of literature on learning styles from the Baltimore County Public Schools. It lists 8 different types of learning styles with 4 different styles underneath.

Knowing your child’s learning style is key to knowing how to best guide them.

Self-led learning is about having goals for learning set by the child. When you know how they learn best, you can both work toward setting goals to be accomplished.

Here is an example:

My oldest, Lyz, does best when she has a large project broken down into small, daily, bits. She is a visual learner first, followed by an auditory learner. She must see, then hear, what it is she is to learn.

Lyz learns best with:

  • graphs & charts
  • flashcards
  • silent reading
  • written instructions
  • computer based work
  • using  TV & internet for learning

My youngest, Sara, does best when she sees the big picture and has the freedom to go between completing the big picture and determining when she is ready to do the small bits. She is a tactile learner first, then an auditory learner. She must be hands-on for her learning before she can hear how to proceed.

Sara learns best with:

  • playing games
  • role playing
  • demonstrations
  • drama
  • hands-on tools
  • building models
  • tracing

Both girls are naturally drawn to their strengths. Lyz loves to graph out thoughts, makes flashcards on her own accord and will read for hours. Sara will naturally ask to play money games, creates plays and loves to trace pictures.

When you observe what your child is naturally drawn to, you don’t have to take the assessments or read the chart.

Those are simply a place to start.

To truly know how your child learns best, observe them. Use the guides as a way to sort out what you see and take notes. Do this for a week or more. Once you have a good basis of their skill set, use that for their goal setting.




Article by Mary Herrington

Editor-in-Chief of Saucy Woman, internationally published gluten free cookbook author and keynote speaker. Mary is mom to 2 girls, both of which are unschooled, one 19 the other 10. She lives with her husband, both daughters and 2 dogs in Charlotte, NC.

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