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Stress Free Nickel Food Allergy Living

Spring always brings out the best in people. As humans, we are always looking for ways to improve ourselves, our lives and our surroundings. Follow these easy 16 steps to stress free food allergy living and see how much better your life will become.

 See a professional about your symptoms. 

I saw an immunologist/allergist who was finally able to help pin-point my almost decade long search for answers to my reactions to food.  Don’t delay. Call today.

  1. Read all you can on where nickel comes from. Some of my best resources came from Europe. Here are some sources I really like:
2.Read Blogs about the low nickel lifestyle.
3.  Wake Up Early. 

Not so you can have enough time to prepare a low nickel breakfast, so you can put your day in order without being rushed. Waking up early (say, 5-6am) has been acknowledged by many (Anthony Robbins, Robin Sharma, among other self-help gurus) to improve your productivity and your quality of life.

4. Exercise. 

Work out 3x a week for at least 30 minutes. Whether that means going on the treadmill in your bedroom that is currently holding clothes or going out for a jog or signing up for a yoga class, get yourself moving! It is important to be in physical health as much as mental and allergic health.

5. Stay focused with lists.

I love my lists. I feel accomplished when I have one and can check things off as I go. This is especially important to use in the  grocery store when shopping. You want to make sure you don’t buy nickel laden food and end up with a reaction.

6. Cut back on social media.

This is harder than it sounds, but when you have your life in your phone or other electronic device, you miss out on so much going on around you. Limit yourself to a time first thing in the morning and a few hours before bed. Unless you have a food blog, no one is going to miss your update about what you ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 🙂

7. Set Big Goals. 

Stretch beyond your normal capacity and go for it! Maybe just going on the low nickel diet is your big goal. That’s great! Find one that, for you, is a challenge, and rise to the occasion. You will feel great when you get it!

8. Meditate. 

Take 20-30 minutes a day to center yourself and be calm. Use an app for guided meditation if you must. It will help keep you on track, mindful and clearly focused on what is important.

9. Avoid negative people.

This means in person and online. If someone is regularly a Negative Nellie in your life, remove them as much as possible. It is isn’t possible to remove them completely from your life, learn how to put down boundaries to alleviate the negativity from your life. Only plants grow among dung.

10. Find people who inspire you. 

Maybe that is a public speaker, a friend, a classmate. Find people who make you want to be a better person and talk with them. Find out their secrets to personal success. Listen to their stories and take what you can and incorporate it into your life.

11. Let go of the past.

 Let go of wanting what is no longer possible. That may mean a relationship, a job or even a piece of chocolate cake. Let it go. There are other flavors out there in the world. Explore other cakes such as pink champagne or vanilla with fresh strawberry icing. Letting go of what was makes room for new experiences.

12. Show Kindness To Those Around You.

Remember the “Golden Rule:”  Practice what you preach? Think before you speak. If the words are not loving, helpful, gentle and only about you-hold your tongue. Words can cut deeper than a sword. Only speak words of love, helpfulness when asked, gentleness and listen with the intent to understand.

13.  Take a break.

Give yourself a break. Talk to yourself with loving words. What we tell ourselves becomes our truth. What we tell our children becomes their’s. Speak only to yourself in words of love. If you hear negative thoughts coming in, stop yourself and remind yourself to give yourself a break. No one is perfect. 

14. Quit a bad habit. 

Do you comfort eat? Slouch? Bite your nails?  Smoke? Run late for everything? Work on stopping that habit. You can do it!

15. Invest time into personal growth. 

Learning a new way of being is difficult. Learning a new lifestyle is challenging. Invest time in yourself to allow for growth. Educate yourself on Systemic Nickel Allergy Syndrome. Read books about people who have risen through adversity. We are all responsible for our own self-growth – not our mom, our dad, our partner, our children—just us. Commit to yourself to begin a new life full of personal growth. Do one or two small changes a day, in time, those changes will have a snowball effect and one day soon become the reality of the change you wished for.

 Every moment, of every day, we are given a choice to repeat the past or start anew. 

Which do you chose?

Article by Mary Herrington

Editor-in-Chief of Saucy Woman, internationally published gluten free cookbook author and keynote speaker. Mary is mom to 2 girls, both of which are unschooled, one 19 the other 10. She lives with her husband, both daughters and 2 dogs in Charlotte, NC.

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